Concert Band

Advanced Band performing ensemble. This is a year round course focusing on the highest level of wind music performance. Students in this group are required to participate in all District level auditions and performances. The Concert Band performs several concerts each year encompassing a wide variety of wind band literature meeting VBODA grade levels IV to V. The Concert band meets every Tuesday and Thursday from 2:30 to 4:00 during the months of November through May.

Intermediate Band

Beginning to Intermediate level course where students learn the proper fundamentals of tone production, music theory and notation. This course is for students with one or less years of experience in a performance band class. Individual needs are met by the teacher and much more time is spent on development of tone, technique and musical skills. Students may be placed into the concert band depending on instrumentation needs. The method for this course is Standard of Excellence book 2/3 and the Podemski drum method. Percussionists are required to learn mallet keyboard instruments as well as snare drum rudimental technique.

Marching Band

The Marching Truckers are the most visible and outreaching ensemble in the band program. The marching band is a “high energy” competitive corps style band that performs throughout the months of August through November at various regional, state and national level competitions and all home football games. The focus is on musicianship and visual design. The Marching Truckers compete primarily in the United State Scholastic Band Association. The band is also requested at various parades and city wide events throughout the Fall and Spring. The Marching Truckers also encompass the Color Guard. Students work in the areas of dance, flags, rifles, sabres and other equipment in order to visually enhance the musical production.

All members of the marching band are required to have an athletic physical.

Marching band is a physically demanding activity that requires teamwork, discipline and commitment. Students will benefit from the lasting values learned by being part of this organization. The Marching program is a microcosm of society. Working together with parents, staff and students to support the program builds community, friendship and a sense of belonging. Students will look back on their high school marching band experience as one of the most rewarding and enjoyable experiences in their high school years.