Nickname, Symbols, Mascot, and School Colors

The origin of the Churchland nickname, Truckers, dates back to the early 20th century. By the 1920’s, the area west of the Western Branch of the Elizabeth River had become a rich farming region. Family farms grew potatoes, peanuts, corn and other vegetables to be sold at market. Boats and barges were able to travel into the inlets and coves that lay between the current West Norfolk and Churchland Bridges. Farmers “trucked” their goods, first by wagon and later by truck, to the shores of the river to ship them to northern markets. It is from these large farms and the surrounding village of the 1920’s and ‘30’s, that the Churchland athletic teams acquired their nickname The Truckers. Although the official school seal pays tribute to Craney Island and Sycamore Hill schools as well as bearing the name Churchland, the symbol most often associated with the Truckers in recent history has become the capital “T” with the overlaid “c”. This symbol can be found throughout the school, often emblazoned on a more modern truck, a large eighteen wheeler such as those used in trucking today. Unlike schools which have chosen a person, animal, or character as a mascot, Churchland’s mascot is a truck, in honor of the truck farmers of the locale. The style of truck seems to change and grow through the years, as have truckers themselves, but the tribute remains the same. Orange, black, and white are the official Churchland High School colors. The most frequently used combinations are the orange and black.